Mini Pretty Pattern Challenge

Calling all design friends!

If you haven’t heard, My friend Diana (@mymcdoodles) and I are hosting a mini design challenge on instagram. May 2-8th we will have a new daily prompt, all with a spring related theme. We invite you to post your “pretty patterns” with the #prettypatternchallenge and we will share your work in stories. It’s such a fun way to build your pattern portfolio, meet new design friends, and get inspired by all the different takes on the same prompt.

I even created this fun color palette for you to use. The color palette is completely optional and you are welcome to add to it or adjust it however you see fit. But for those who like a little help in the color department, it is there for your use.

color palette for the spring mini pretty pattern challenge

And thanks to this nifty new website and blog, I can now share the actual procreate palette! Click on the link below to download the palette from google drive.

Now we just hope I linked that correctly. This shiny new website also comes with a learning curve! (Note: When you see the file in google drive it will say “unsupported file type”. This just means that it can’t produce a preview. Just click on the … in the corner and choose “open in” and then select Procreate. It should automatically import the color swatches into your app.)

Also, if you are in need of some tutorials on how to create repeating patterns in procreate, I’ve got you covered there too! Go visit my youtube channel!

Anyway, I’m so excited for next week and sure hope you’ll join us!