Licensing Inquiry

I would LOVE to work with you!

If there is a pattern or illustration in my portfolio you’d like to use on your product or website, or if you’d like me to create something new just for you, we can work something out!

Licensing typically works in 2 ways…

Non Exclusive– This means that you pay for the rights to use my artwork on your product, the terms of usage and compensation will be agreed upon by both parties prior to any files being transferred. However the art work is not exclusive so I can use and sell that same design to other people however I see fit. All copyright remains mine.

Exclusive- This means that you pay for the right to use my art on your product, the terms of usage, compensation, and length of contract will be agreed upon by both parties. As an exclusive license you will have the exclusive use of that design in your market. For example, if you license with me in the “children’s fashion industry” then that design can only be used by you in that industry for the length of the contract. However, I may chose to license it in a non-competing industry, like paper goods for example, during that time. Once the length of the contract is up you may choose to renew or not. If you don’t renew then all copyrights revert back to me and I may use that design however I see fit. All copyrights remain mine.

If you would like exclusive rights to a design in all markets you must purchase the entire copyright from me.

If you have any further questions or would like to begin the licensing process, I’d love to chat!